A response and a reschedule


The latest update on the Pappygate court proceedings included here is a response and a reschedule.

The motion by defense in the Pappygate bourbon heist case for the court to reveal information that would ultimately ID the anonymous tipster has been rescheduled and will be heard in two weeks.

Anyone interested in the Franklin Circuit judge’s ruling on whether to reveal information that would ultimately lead the ID of the anonymous tipster who blew the lid on the whole #Pappygate investigation to Franklin County Sheriff’s detectives will have to wait.

I may have an update next week in regards to KSP. Be sure to check here or at the SJ’s website state-journal.com.

Below are some pics of the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Zach Becker’s response with supported rulings. I apologize if they are out of order

Response 1



Response 2

Response 4


Response 6

Response 7


Response 9

Response 10




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